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I LOVE THE LORD. [27 Oct 2004|05:57pm]
[ mood | like happy ]

Today was soo freakin awesome..
Everyday since sunday last week has been that way

hmmm..so what happened today?
I don't remember it all but everything was soo awesome :)..

and yea

I wasn't gonna dress up on sunday, but my friend, (www.livejournal.com/users/dementeduck) convinced me to.. haha my costume is gonna be soo awesome!! I told Kailey not to tell anyone about it though....Its aalllll for the candy..
I'm goin to this costume party saturday, if I find my homecoming dress before it starts..I soo probably would have not gone to homecoming..but oh well, I can always leave early if it sucks..

I gotta do my homework..but not now...soon

& yea


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[09 Aug 2004|04:45pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

just got back home like 15 minutes or so ago!!!!!!!!

Its soo cool that we take Kristen to school in the morning :)

School was soo freakin cool!!!! First period was craaazy because there were soo many ppl in there..someone kept tappin my shoulder but I didn't turn around. In 4th period I found out Alex just wanted to say hi and told the guy behind me to tap me to get my attention..

I have A lunch!!!!!!!! just like Andre and Kristen!! I thought I was positive Kristen and Danielle had b that I didn't even bother trying  to look really..so I just hung out with Ash most of the time..but now I know where to be tomorrow

6th PERIOD!!!!!!

Awesome class!! And its Geometry..who woulda thought? Kristen's in that class!!!! For some reason I was terrified that she might've had her schedule changed out of that class..It might be because she was the LAST person to walk through the door..after the bell rang!!! but guess who she was behind? This one kid I'm not gonna talk about yet!!!!! :P And we had a sub. today!!! he let me sit beside Kristen!(which is a great seat because, well, all of you should know by now)I'm soo sittin there tomorrow after he takes roll! I can't believe I'm spazzin out about geometry class!

Then Kristen's mom took us home. and here I am..yea, I'm gonna go


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[04 Aug 2004|10:32pm]
[ mood | grateful ]

Danielle is the best person ever!!! she re-did my page!! She was the one who did it the first time, too!

But it looks really awesome right now..its gonna look awesome-er tomorrow..she's gonna get her friend to tidy it up for me..

Thanks Danielle soo much!!!!!!!!!!!

I miss you!!!!!!!:'(

<3 you all!!!!!!!!!!!

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[04 Aug 2004|03:27pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

Umm...yea. we just got finished watching "Midsomer Murders"!!

Me and kristen that is... it was soo funny when "Peter" died!!!!!!!!


HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! not that he died, just the way he did it..

we did ALOT of rewinding and pausing during the film
"you old faaaaahhht"

well, enough of that..for now..
I got my schedule today!! theres where I saw Kristen and her Mom..I was soo excited because I wasn't expecting it.. my schedule is

world history
geometry.which I almost didin't get..I had to go up to guidance to change it..I was soo scared..I was all like praying and stuff..I'm so glad..and now I have 6th period with Kristen!!! thats sooo awesome.. I actually can't wait untill school..

well, see you guys later..
<3 Ayo

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[28 Jul 2004|04:37pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

I love my Life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

where the crap did that come from??

Well anyways, I got 'Midsomer Murders: judgment day' in the mail today!!!! L yea...Kristens supposed to come by to watch it with me, but she cant till later..and I cant watch untill then..its killing me..

I wonder where Ashley is :'(

ok I can at least see the background DVD page, right??

<3 you guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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no.......yes!!!! [19 Jul 2004|07:31pm]
[ mood | mischievous ]

I need to get like a joey or sasame icon.. my cousin Amenawon would like to say a few words:                                                                                 Hello there, my name is Amenawon as Tutu has mentioned. I do not have a ton of things to say but here I go! First what is your name? Tutu dosn't tell me too much about her friends except for the one whop makes great video game music. Are you the same person? As I can tell from Tutu, you must like anime, manga ect. I myself have the anime network and am a fan of final fantasy mog mog mog mog mog mog mog mog mog mog mopg mog mog mog. Well salutations persperation!

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Masachussetts!!! [17 Jul 2004|10:05am]
[ mood | anxious ]

Hey guys I've been in Framingham, MA since the 12th.. like on the 9th, my sister wouldn't let me go see Spiderman2 with her, my cousin, and my brother, so I just stayed home watching Degrassi that night..(Marco looks soo hot now..oh yea and he and Paige's brother kissed at the end! it was sooo sweet!!) oh yea and then my mom was like "its ok, we'll go out tomorrow, just me and you"

so we went out to the mall, we went to hollister and it was soo awesome cuz I haven't been there in like the loooooongest time..and then we went to the train station...I had noo earthly clue why were there..so when we got back to the car I was like "why are we here?" and she was like "we're going to Framingham!!!!!!!" and I was like "Yaaaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!" I was soo freakin happy, we were going to see her sister and my cousins that I haven't seen for like 3 years since they moved up there from SC..its soo awesome up here..

I don't want to make this entry too long..ppl may not want to read it..
<3 ayo

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[07 Jul 2004|04:59pm]
[ mood | blank ]

Kinda bummed out because I just realized only 1 person reads my lj :'(

Anyways, yea we went to the Olive Garden for my Dad's birthday, and that was fun...like outta nowhere he was staring at his coffee and goes, "Did you see that gator?" which had us laughing like forever..

My cousins comin tomorrow!! Marquis! Its gonna be soo awesome him being here cuz he's like the funniest person ever!! Well, sorta..but yea

Night at the Roxbury came in the mail..really funny movie..to me anyways

And yea thats pretty much all that happened today..I'm sure I'll write more interesting stuff by tomorrow when my cousin comes...I'm gonna go find somethin to do

<3 you

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[06 Jul 2004|02:48pm]
[ mood | chipper ]

Todays my dads birthday...I hope we go out to dinner somewhere tonight

I saw the new Yellowcard video last night!!! It was soo awesome. It came on right after Summerland.. And it was the same Summerland episode that my brother and my sister wouldn't let Kristen and I watch..bholes..but its ok because I had control of the remote last night.. you "only children" have no idea what I have to go through.

eww yesterday my sister said I looked like Orlando Bloom and John Mayer mixed together..freak.. oh yea Midsomer Murders was supposed to come in the mail today, but my sister put it near the bottom of the list..I'll reorder it again when I know I'll have company over soon..

my Dad hasn't found out about the goat yet..

my sister wants me to make her a sandwich, so I gotta go..

<3333 you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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back [25 Jun 2004|06:47pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

We got back this morning at about 2:00..

I had such a good vacation!!!..
We left at like 8:00 monday evening..Like before we even left the city I was like all sad because my dad said we weren't going to McDonald's....By 11:00 that night we arrived there!! Of course I got the usual:double cheeseburger with medium fries..I got sweet & sour sauce too!! Waay good.. I got skittles at the convenient store next door..I was a little pissed off though because the medium fries are much smaller because how everyone's saying McDonald's is unhealthy..but I was alright, it lasted me up until we got to Rock Hill, and the journey was nice because we got to listen to 90.7! Well, up untill I fell asleep I bet.. I couldn't bare listening to nation news radio the whole time..
The hotel was waay better than I thought it would be..I loved it!!..On tuesday, after my parents left for work, I did a little exploring as my pal Danielle suggested, which was fun..I found me the vending machine and I got me a pack of skittles for only $.75..awesome.. then I practiced ( wait till you hear my vibrato guys!!) and listened to my favorite song, waiting for my parents to come back..
After me and my mom got lost a couple times, we made are way to the shopping store ( which was like right beside the hotel) I bought these cute little under garments( with my own money..yaaaay!!) Oh yea and Kristen we parked right behind a mini coop!! And then we went over to the cinema to watch "Day after Tomorrow"..that was the plan..just me and my mom, at the movies.. but the movie started at 7:05 and we were there past 8:00, the next show was after 10.. so we went home..

The next day, wednesday, I finally got the breakfast being served downstairs, ( yesterday I overslept through it) and yea yada yada yada ( can't remember every lil thing that happened that day) except that Soutth Carolina guys are hotter than Florida guys..seriouslt, most Fla guys are bholes but the most South Carolina guys I met are sweethearts.. And then yea I practiced alot while my parents were at work ( I was waiting for guest services to knock on my door to tell me I was too loud but luckily they never did) and yea a little after 6, my dad came in the room to tell me to get in the car.. we walked around this plaza that was near the hotel, just me and my parents...it was fun, we went to this bookstore, and we went to this quiet lil pub and we ate this gourmet sandwich that my dad recommended for us which was awesome, al before went to go se "The Day After Tomorrow"

AWESOME MOVIE we all enjoyed it and couldn't stop talking about it..it was just me and my parents..being the last of four children, the rarely ever happens...it could be all of us together, my mom and my sister, my mom and my two brothers, my dad and my brother, etc.. but never me and my parents..watching a movie that we all enjoyed.. that day was very special to me, I didn't want it to end..

On thursday we checked out and I got to go to work with my parents!! They performed in a library which was cool because I got to catch up on my reading..I read about Scotland, which took up the time till their show was over..it was amazing to see how much the audience loved my parents..it made me happy and proud to be my parents' little roadie for a few days..After like an hour or so my parents had another show to do at a different location..I didn't want to see my parents' show so I looked for a book..i found the Order of Phoenix..I've been trying to get a hold of that book for like the longest time!!! I got up to page 22 before my parents' show was over..the audience loved my parents even more than the other one!! People were saying it was the best show they've ever seen!! That made my parents really happy...we went to a couple shops (my mom wanted to buy gifts for people)..and then it was time to hit the road again.. we traveled non stop until we got to Columbia, where we stopped at a seafood restaraunt to have dinner.. and then it was time to go..

Like while the sun was setting and we were on the road, it started raining, hard..it was kinda surreal because the sky was such a beautiful color.. it was dangerous, out there on the road..and the weather reminded us much of the weather in the Day After Tomorrow..we decided to exit out and head over to the gas station to be safe.. I thought "This couldd be the last time we ever stop anywhere this trip" so I took some of dads money and got mr 2 bags of cheez its, king size skittles, and a big bottle of yoo hoo.. a few moments later we were back on the road..It was scary, I prayed like 600 billion million times..and it was really scary because we saw a car that turned over on it side and ppl outside of it running and yelling.. but soon, just like in the movie, the storm passed, and we were ok again..

This morning, I had to see ROTK again, just one last time before I sent it back, and let me tell ya, that movie never gets old... Just now I finished watching 50 first dates, which was really awesome, since it was an adam sandler movie and all, and now I'm waiting for the new degrassi to come on..I have no idea what its about, since I was in a hotel room the last few days..I better go before this entry gets to be another page long.. this is all the time I could get on the computer..I promise I'll read all your entries tomorrow :)

I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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